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Zero-emissions and maximum benefits?

The world has changed gears into a paradigm which is building and banking on the absence of drivers behind the wheels. The global automotive industry is exploring and improving alternative options which are less energy intensive and can have a huge impact on the logistics of businesses on a massive scale.

Electric vehicle industry is in motion and the transition to a digitised roadmap of the world is being conducted by many countries. For instance, Germany will allow driverless vehicles on public roads by 2022. Netherlands, Singapore and Japan on the other hand, are leading infrastructure readiness to adopt new and advanced methods in this industry.

The need for young and bright minds

Self-driving cars were limited to sci-fi movies and now it’s been decades since the first advancements. But there’s a long way to go. The key factors today are not scientific curiosity but a social need to do and perform better while preventing an imbalance in the current transport industry.

Gatik, is B2B autonomous vehicle company which has plans to deliver between dark stores and Walmart with it’s fleet of light and medium duty trucks.

Studies are showing that an autonomous makeover of the industry can potentially bring down the statistics of road accidents drastically. In developing countries which are still prepping or debating the introduction of these e-mobility shifts will need to consider the inevitable extension to driverless cars. Amongst this growing phenomenon, supporting the right drivers of the electric vehicle startups, we can accelerate the progress together.


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