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Why am I enthusiastic about cryptocurrency?

The young bring change with them, especially in modern behaviour. Be it the long articles on this platform or the short 10 second clips on social media, everything translates to commercials. Highly driven to reaching millions of users within minutes, the younger users expect services to be quick and smart without obstacles. They are concerned with faster delivery of products and hassle-free services.

For an easier facilitation of trade, consumer-based businesses are constantly investing in smarter, safer and quickest technologies at our disposal. Cryptocurrency is not a new entrant and has existed (successfully) for over a decade.

Investing in the right direction

Amidst the chaotic present, the young are scared of the uncertainty and would rather have their future secured in their hands or back pockets. There’s a global search for alternatives for something most structured institutions are unable to provide – financial security. Cryptocurrency on the other hand, has been making the rounds and is more visible than ever.

I recently invested in a successful startup – EPNS. It’s a decentralized notification protocol which enables wallet addresses to receive notifications and obtain token incentives through active participation.

At the end of the day, it’s the ease of taking action. Efficiently securing things from the tip of your fingers and that’s it! This is where I’d like to put in my safest bets. Cryptocurrency has been picked up by the audience that influences and interacts with each other globally. However, the growing infrastructure needs investment and guidance.


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