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Where to go next? Post-pandemic future.

Staying up to date in today’s world is an exhausting but a very accessible task for most individuals. From the notification of your phone to the shows you watch daily, everything is politically charged and most importantly has the business undertone where I like to step in and observe.

Two years ago, at Isha Insight, I had the privilege to hear Sanjeev Sanyal, the Principal Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India. His pluralistic observations of the historical contributions of the Indian subcontinent in maritime trade would baffle and interest many businesspersons and investors today. During his talk, the most dynamic and relatable fact to me was the position and significance of temples as financial placeholders.

The job was simple, store and appreciate wealth while being able to finance trade from the sea coasts. Given modern social behaviour, we need to work towards a destination where future netizens are not waiting over a non-weekday to process their transactions.

The future – An augmented mirror of the past

Now, instead of simply admiring, I’d like to take flight and view the landscape as a platform for larger and cleaner international trade and communication. Having worked through the past financial years and struggled out of the uneven economies of my business locations, I wish to learn from both, past and present to take calculated steps in the future.

Click, send and the payment is made! New fintech in the industry is trying to collaborate with the cleanest of technologies and I’m here to observe and invest. Going forward, I’d like to know and grow more while helping the bright minds build a future where lifestyles are streamlined with clean and evolving technologies.


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