The Power of Gaming

The Power of Gaming


Karmaverse is a metaverse containing the game worlds of all the games they have produced so far. It uses NFTs to transfer assets between games or sell them to other players. This revolutionary technology is absolutely why crypto gaming is on the rise. With the industry now worth $30 Billion, the opportunities for both investors and gamers simply keep coming.


The crypto gaming industry is somewhat of a compilation of everything that is blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Trading. Never before was it thought that earning by playing games could be that easy. Now, there are various ways to earn through crypto gaming, Play2Earn being the most popular. Play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity and Decentraland are blowing up across the crypto world. They seem to be revolutionizing the gaming industry with a new, highly engaging format with huge appeal.


Most games have native tokens for in-game purchases and trading between players. They derive value through the use of their tokens which users and cryptocurrency traders deem valuable, according to blockchain developer James Bachini.


Now it remains to be seen whether crypto games like Karmaverse can really capitalize on the metaverse and its hype. Although, it is easy to assume that they will be fine even without that owing to the success of their counterparts like Axie Infinity and Decentraland.

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