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The future of medicine is in the past: The old way of living is here to stay.

We’re witnessing a health revolution with more resources being employed into the space of medicine daily, especially since covid decided to play spoilsport.

At a time when we are susceptible to vulnerability and accepting unsatisfactory medical outcomes, realizing the power of our traditional methods is needed more than ever.

Acceptability, convenience, and accessibility of rooted, natural remedies have proved as indicators to favor traditional medicine. Their resurgence in regulated systems has been accepted in several parts of the world- besides being constantly studied to further drug development. Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, traditional Korean medicine, Unani, and many other forms of historic cures can find a proper balance in our approach.

From experience, I can even attest that gradually substituting familiar remedies with conventional ones, can be beneficial. When done under a disciplined instructor, Iyengar Yoga can be as good an alternative to surgery, as jeera ajwain can be to digestive pills. It’s essential to hit the sweet spot between smart drugs and undistinguished therapy systems with a side of commitment and discipline.

It’s rightly said- you can’t have the fruit without the roots.

I firmly believe that nature carries answers to all our questions. Before we distrust traditional methods of medicine, we need to maneuver and go back in time, to rediscover the way we look at health & wellness.


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