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Success at what cost?

A week ago, I witnessed the landscape you see above, on our excursion to Kazbegi, Georgia. Under the Tbilisi sky, drinking one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted, I felt immensely grateful for this vineyard vacation.

The world is super demanding and relentlessly so. From day one, we are expected to fly high and with unwavering tunnel vision. Either we reach our goals before anyone else on the ground or we fall harder than ever with only momentary understanding of each step.

No rest, no glory!

Past months have been challenging, globally. But at the sight of every possible ray of hope, we are all charged to march ahead again with the same hustle we hear all around. After, however, a few weeks of powering through, one starts crumbling. Maybe not physically first, but definitely mentally.

A trip was much needed. It was time off, not just from work but the constant vigilance of life. Among the hills and vineyards, it was hard to worry. Although, the zen mode was temporary, it was crucial to recognize the importance of stepping out in nature. The self-reflection is almost always a by-product of such de-stressing holidays. Once, we were back home, the realisation was unavoidable.

Movement and nature were key to breaking the monotony and rejuvenate our lost mojo which needs finding from time to time. It’ll be more beneficial to take our time on this ride. We are looking for payoffs from our efforts, not burnouts.


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