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Making the leap.

Intelligence and human capital, although an ever-evolving process, cannot be reduced to mere knowledge and/or data.

In the highly advanced machinery of the world, you can generate information for desired results- speed, accuracy, and convenience; but at the cost of neglecting what truly makes us human- experimentation.

Naval Ravikant once tweeted, “Education is no substitute for intelligence.” Once you start upgrading your surroundings and boosting every technology you can, the power of creation becomes autonomous. Building is not an easy feat, but creating a foundation requires a certain amount of risky investment.

Are we ready for that leap?

Humans are the ones who make the bigger picture a reality, and they are the reason behind any community’s true talent. Hence, it is important to remind oneself to move away from the protection and ease of an organisation. Getting the experience and developing the intelligence to not rely on degrees, or a brand’s protection comes with a wisdom that is developed through constant evaluation. This process, not always external, comes with humility and constant self assurance. For instance, if I hadn’t moved out of the path that my family advocated right after university, I wouldn’t have been able to make the decisions that I’m able to today.

Moving instinctively is risky. But one needs to take that step. Great ideas — and the path to realizing those ideas — depend on shattering walls, reaching across lines, and actively collaborating beyond our comfortable circles of thought.

It’s impractical to assume that your growth comes with being in charge of some large-scale data processing outlet. You are not a machine. You can make errors. The fear of failure never leaves, but it makes us resilient, and that’s a strong reason to jump. Not blindly, but definitely while listening to your gut.

So here’s to leaping, and to the new YOU.


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