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Let’s transform you into a YOU-nicorn!

The start-up scene is thriving in India. In fact, MyGlamm and Curefit just entered the Unicorn’s club in India with their funding series last week. I am really inquisitive when it comes to new start-up ideas and I surely invest, help set up and automate some of them too.


Are you one of those people with great ideas who want to see their vision turn into reality? I highly encourage you to talk to a variety of people, build your network as it would open up a lot of new avenues and opportunities for you. Networking is a very important aspect of having a business, but you also need to be a part of a community. Now, what makes a community different from a network? Well, a network consists of just some people you know, while in a community, people add value to each other, it’s more like a close-knitted family.


You’re welcome in this community that I’ve built, where everyone can collaborate and have an exchange of ideas. I’m an entrepreneur who, after stepping away from my cushioned family business, found my calling in the uneven economies of African markets. A few grueling but rewarding years followed, which have now culminated in a business presence in the middle-east. I am also a prolific investor in start-ups & crypto and spend my days automating start-ups and other ventures.


And if you have the zeal to grow and reach higher heights, come aboard, my inbox is always open, and be ready to get transformed into a YOUnicorn! 



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