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How to battle financial uncertainty?

Growing up in India, I was brought up with the ideology of surrounding yourself with enough rainy day funds so you don’t have to struggle for any unexpected expenses. Uncertainty of life events was a pressing reason for our older generations to instill in us the habit of saving from a young age.

There’s another aspect to such cautious and safe financial behaviour – passive income. It is a significant branch stemming from the idea of financial security. It ensures an individual to a sound sleep without worrying about covering their expenses.

Payday to profits, is there another way if both fail?

It could be any expense, a new sport/hobby or even a calculated investment that has an amount due every month. To have these organized and secure, one needs to look at the bigger picture of the life we want to live and can afford. So can it be said that our real money is growing while we sleep? Do we need multiple versions of ourselves to work and earn during the same hours of the day? Maybe, yes.

My grandfather was a wise man and I’d spent my younger years observing and learning from him. He used to say that something was missing in his plans to provide for his family. But to achieve that, a perfectionist like him always set sail alone because he was unsatisfied with other people’s efforts. This motivated me into becoming who I am today.

Generating passive income will need more hands and you cannot be present in multiple locations at one time. Having understood that, I built my resources in a way that my presence isn’t required regularly.

But to get people to work and think in a way which is coherent to yours, one must invest efficiently. To generate passive income from around the world, I’ve made it my mantra to not look for the right horse but the right jockey.


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