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Believe in the future but invest smartly.

While real-world real estate still remains a secure source of income, one cannot ignore the uncertainty it faces due to the risks and calamities not affecting the virtual world. But the reasons to buy digital land are more than a sense of financial security.

The infamous fear-of-missing-out and the trend factor should be considered, given the surge in investments. Plots are being sold daily in online worlds. They are new assets whose value simply multiplies every second.

One of the most expensive deal was made on the gaming platform Axie Infinity and there was a sudden shake in the virtual worlds surrounding us. We were unaware of the booming prices.

Aboard the Cloud Express! Destination: Digital Metaverses

NFTs are roaring and now that everyone’s bought their digital art, it’s time to showcase them. Maybe a villa on the outskirts with a private gallery? How about a casino? Endless possibilities in the digital metaverses such as Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Sandbox and Earth2. Busy communities will only get more traffic and profit from your virtual real estates.

Future kids would want to go to Disneyland and parents will probably reply, “We have that at home – Decentraland.” Or maybe they’d prefer the latter and people my age would want the former?

To imagine what the digital real estate might pan out to be, one can take the help of virtual and augmented reality games, literature and cinema. Although, are we going beyond spaces and land blinded by the massive profits? On the next episode of Black Mirror…?


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