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AI integration needs attention?

Each day is initiated and summarised with some kind of AI. Babies are talking to Alexa and the elderly are actively learning the know-how in most households across the globe.

A very generic example but effective to understand the inclusion of this technology in our lives. It isn’t new, rather decades from the nascent stage. With the motive to learn (no pun intended) machines are under constant evolution.

“Uploaded to the cloud, sounds like heaven.”

Data is becoming a force of nature. With our increasingly fast paced and multifaceted lives, data increases by the microsecond. Organizing and processing raw information has been a machine’s job for a long time now. From Microsoft’s new supercomputer to Google’s Deepmind, the innovations have reached inexplicable levels.

Startups with AI centric workings, existing big corporations or old businesses which are trying to instate AI in their operations, all are being driven by the advancement of science and technology. Might seem basic but the innovations and strengthening of AI research and implementation must be of primary importance given the thinning line between digital and physical worlds.

AI’s modern day and most effective contributions can be seen in various fields, healthcare, martech, cybersecurity, language applications, cloud services and many more we don’t realise or suspect. But can AI tell good and meaningful stories? Is your story or idea powered by AI? Maybe I can tell Siri to set up a meeting.


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