A Leap of Faith

The year 2021 has been a weirdly fulfilling year for me. It has taken me to places that aren’t exactly tangible (Just a metaverse joke) but holds a lot of power in their hands for the development of society and its individuals. It takes time to come to terms with what we have achieved collectively this year, even with numerous restrictions in place.


In the past year, I chose to invest in all that I believed. And so electric mobility, biotechnology, cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and crypto gaming (Which has a little bit of both crypto and metaverse), were at the forefront. Some of them include Inery Blockchain, BioSapien, Cross The Ages, etc.


There has been a swift increase in investments in problem-solving companies, that are trying to do something better for the community. It can range from medical to sustainability and it gives us hope that the future is better.

sustainability and sustainable investors in Dubai


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