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Kartik Garg

Kartik Garg is a globe-trotter with entrepreneurial experience that knows no borders. After stepping away from the family business, Kartik found his calling in the uneven economies of African markets. A few grueling but rewarding years followed, which have now culminated in a business presence in the middle-east, and a ferroalloys plant in a remote free-zone while backward integrating operations by mining in Africa. Kartik is also a prolific investor, dabbles in the crypto market, and spends his days automating start-ups and other ventures.
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Healthy ambition warrants some time off to recuperate. When Kartik isn’t occupied with his various business ventures, he’s a bit of a sportsman himself. A certified scuba diver and quite the tennis player, Kartik knows when it’s time to work and when it’s time to knock off the boots and just relax.


Kartik has been an active part of the cryptocurrency market for a couple of years. He has made calculated investments into the blockchain and continues to create a well-curated portfolio.

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Kartik has been assisting, advising, and automating start-ups and other upcoming ventures. With his extensive experience as an entrepreneur, Kartik helps these ventures navigate the ins and outs of the industry.